VTC Office 365 for student VTC Office 365 for student

About Office 365

Starting from April 2016, a new email platform for student, running on Office 365 cloud platform is launched. This new platform offers a wide range and up to date tools to help student to have a better communication and more collaboration. It helps to create dynamic learning experience in and outside the classroom.

Access Office 365 for Student at http://office365.stu.vtc.edu.hk.

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New Features

The new email platform enhances better learning and communication experience, which goes within and beyond campuses. Do share and work with anyone in your study and life!

Key features are highlighted as follows:

  • 50 GB Mailbox Storage
  • Connect with Microsoft Outlook Application on Mobile Device and PC/Mac
  • Online viewer supports DOC, XLS, PPT & PDF
  • Anti-spam and Anti-malware
  • 1 TB cloud storage on OneDrive
  • Integrated Microsoft Office Online
    (Office Pro Plus is also available for installing Microsoft Office in student’s devices)
    • Office 365
    • Mailbox Stoage
    • 50 GB
    • Connective
    • Webmail, Mobile & Outlook
    • Attactment Viewer
    • Supported DOC, XLS, PPT & PDF for online viewer
    • Anti-spam/Anti-malware
    • Yes
    • Cloud Stoage
    • OneDrive with 1 TB storage
    • Office Online
    • Yes
      Office Pro Plus is also available for installation

Cloud storage with

The VTC provides the Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, which is free for student to save documents (e.g. assignment and project materials). Each student has 1 TB OneDrive storage space. Document files can be saved in OneDrive and accessed anywhere through OneDrive’s website and mobile app. Student can easily share his/her document with classmate and teacher. Office Online is also integrated with OneDrive. Student can view and directly edit MS documents on web browser.

Microsoft Office

Office Pro Plus is available for VTC students to download and install on local computer. Moreover, Office Online provide an online platform for edit documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote format on web browser directly.

Microsoft Office Pro Plus

Student is able to download the Office Pro Plus and install on local computer. Office Pro Plus is included Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

For further enquiry about using Office 365 Mobile, please refer to support document of Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Online


Co-authoring feature is supported by Office Online. Document can be edited by multi-user at the same time. User is able to view the editing by others in real time.

OneDrive integration

On the Office Online system, user is able to view and edit the document which is located on OneDrive directly. After the modification, the document will be saved on OneDrive automatically.

Contact Us

For further enquiry, please email to itsd-helpdesk@vtc.edu.hk.

Microsoft OneDrive is available on